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Congratulations on the purchase of your first personal vaporizing system!

-All eGo Style Starter Kits, with the exception of the Vision PCC which has a 3.2 volt battery, come with a 3.7 volt battery. As the battery's life drains, so does the voltage. This will effect the amount of vapor you see and the throat hit you feel. Nothing better than a freshly charged e-cig!

-To power the battery on/off click the button 5 times simultaneously within 3 Seconds until the light flashes. Powering the battery off is not necessary unless it is placed somewhere where the button may be held in (bag, pocket, etc.)

-Batteries should be drained completely before charging. Batteries will indicate charging is needed with a flashing light and no production of vapor. It is important to let the batteries die completely before charging because re-chargeable batteries develop a memory and if not charged properly, may not hold as long of a charge as they should. The light on your charger will go from red to green when your battery is charged. Initial charge should take a full 8 hours.

-The atomizer/tank or cartomizer is where the fluid will be placed. All atomizers have a lifespan averaging a month. When an atomizer goes bad, you may experience a strange burnt flavor , dry hits, or a decrease in performance. Some atomizers are disposable in which case you will throw away entire atomizer when it goes bad. In the case of rebuild-able atomizers, you need only buy a replacement atomizer or 'wick' when the time comes. Slight leakage is very normal for atomizers, especially those holding large amounts of fluid. Without room for air-flow, the atomizer would not work so some juice may escape.

-The first time a cE2 style atomizer is filled with E-Juice or if a wick has just been replaced, it is important to let the juice absorb into your wicks or cartomizer. If these are dry at all it will cause the wicks to burn. Flip your atomizer upside-down and turn in your hands for at least 60 seconds. Holding your atomizer upside-down every once in a while is also a very good way to maintain and extend the life of your atomizer by keeping the top of your wicks saturated.

- Threading any part of your E-Cig (tank to battery/battery to charger) too tightly can easily damage connection or strip threading; they should only be tightened until they feel secure.

-Cleaning your battery is also another important part of the maintenance. Q-Tips work great to clean the area of your battery where your atomizer is connected.

Congratulations and Happy Vaping! If you have any other questions/concerns feel free to contact us:
Tuckerton (609)294-6463
Galloway (609)241-1461
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